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-Jean Luc Picard

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Question about the Mustard and Black Pepper Brisket Recipe

Jim from Cool Stuff for Dads asks:

This looks very good. In terms of the potatoes and/or vegetables, could they be cooked as well in the crockpot?

The booklet that came with my my crockpot says to place your veggies on the bottom of the crock and put the meat on top to make sure the vegetables cook through.

I personally never do this when I make beef brisket in the crockpot, because I usually buy the whole untrimmed brisket and don't trim the fat before cooking. I do cut the raw brisket up into more manageable 2-4 pound portions before freezing. Because of this, I have a nice big pool of fat when I finish and any veggies would be little fat bombs!

I did break with tradition this time and bought a partially trimmed brisket, but I still had plenty of fat at the bottom of the crock.

I know they sell a super trimmed version but I have never bought one so I don't know anything about cooking those. Anybody ever cooked one of those ( or a heavily trimmed packer cut one) in a crockpot with veggies on the bottom? Were you happy with the results. I've always been afraid it would be too dry.