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-Jean Luc Picard

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Pantry

In light of the Swine Flu outbreak, I think all of us need to evaluate the status of our pantries. Here's a great post on this topic from a simple living blog that I have recently started reading:

down---to---earth: Preparing for an emergency


Amy said...

The media is making a big ole song and dance about it here in nz, apparently 4 students in Auckland who got back from a holiday in Mexico last week have been confirmed with it. As for emergencies, we have a plastic box full of tinned and canned food and other non perishable items in case something ever does happen, it's a darn good idea I think.

Hairball said...

Hi Amy,

We've got confirmed cases in my state here in the US.

Everyone should have emergency supplies as you never know when a disaster might strike.

Dr. Julie-Ann said...

One of the things I noticed when I moved back to California six years ago was the fact that every office in the university had some sort of earthquake preparedness kit. I've lived through a couple of big earthquakes (and had to be evacuated once) but it was seeing the aftermath of Katrina that got me off of my backside to do something. We ordered a backpack-sized kit from here: http://www.sosproducts.com I like that it has everything I need in case of an earthquake (it's not going to help against brush fires, though)

But, you're right. I need to think about my pantry. I'm not sure I want to eat "protein source" while I wait for it to be safe to go to the store again.

We don't have any confirmed cases in Los Angeles, yet, but it is only a matter of time...given the back and forth nature of our population.

Hairball said...

Dr J,
I've lived most of my life where tornadoes are the most likely natural disasters, so I've had tornado safety drilled INto my head since I was just a wee fuzzball. When Mr. Hairball was job hunting, one of my fears was that the best job would be in earthquake country and I would have to really work at getting the earthquake safety rules drilled INto my head. *grins*

When we lived in Georgia, one year we got hit with a pretty bad storm that spun off from one of the hurricanes. It did a lot of wind damage to our area and knocked out the power in many parts of our town. You couldn't even find any batteries or bottled water in our town right before the storm hit, the shelves were completely bare. Luckily, I had my hurricane/tornado stash of food, water, and batteries! We lost our power for about a day, which is nothing compared to what some people had to deal with! I found out that where we lived, you really needed a little TV to pick up one of the local TV channels, as the radio stations were almost useless in terms in information like do I need to boil the water? Is there a curfew? Anyway, after that storm I bought a power source from Amazon so we could at least plug in our little portable TV and a fan. Right now, I have it in the bedroom right now, all charged up for when I need it again. Something like that works great for an apartment as it doesn't take up much space.