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-Jean Luc Picard

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pictures from my old cookbook

My more observant readers may have noticed that there is a picture behind my blog title and description up top. The picture is from my Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book from 1950. While I was getting shots of the pages about mac and cheese and how to make a white sauce, I thought I would go ahead and take pictures of all the color pages in the book. As I was working my way through this book I came across a picture which really caught my attention.

Leafing through this cookbook is like seeing in all capital letters. The color pictures leap off of the page and attack your retinas with the fury of pack of wild dogs. You close your eyes and the image lingers. You cautiously open one eye and once again your vision is filled with COLOR! EYE BURNING, RETINA SEARING, COLOR!! Your stomach even lurches a bit as your modern eyes are unaccustomed to this kind of onslaught.

I call this one, "The meat that ate New York!". Click to enlarge if you are the masochistic sort .

1950 Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book Color pages 009

Everybody okay? * Passes out cool cloths and water for those feeling faint* How about some pie? I just love good old fashioned homemade pie like Mr. Hairball's grandmother makes. It's so cozy, and soothing. Nothing like some warm pie on a cold day or at the end of a trying day. Pie is such a peaceful dessert.

1950 Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book Color pages 011

That is until the 'cherry hatchet pie' showed up to wreck havoc everywhere. Would you feel safe leaving that pie in your kitchen? I wouldn't. I'd be snoozing away in bed and awaken to find the 'cherry hatchet pie' brandishing one of its little pastry hatchets in my face as I yell for Mr. Hairball to save me from the 'cherry hatchet pie'. Life is hard enough ya'll, I don't need any desserts with an attitude taking up residence in my kitchen. I think Nancy Reagan would agree with me. Just say no the the 'cherry hatchet pie' and don't be friends with those who hang out with the 'cherry hatchet pie'. You have been warned!!

Edited to add: I don't want to give anybody the wrong idea that I don't like this cookbook. I love this cookbook!! Many modern cookbooks are either written for a Semi-Ho audience or for an audience who doesn't need to take account of how much ingredients cost. I'm an average person, with an average household budget. The older cookbooks work well for me and my needs. I just find some of the pictures very amusing!!


50sgal said...

THanks for the link to the bacon/apple pie. You know, I will now have to make it. I think it very appropriate for 1955. ALso, I have to say, I kind of like the cherry hatchet pie.I am beginning to adore the kitsch value of 1950s food decor, maybe it is just being around it and making and seeing it all the time, but I now find myself decorating dinners with butter roses or cutting out leaves to put on my pies out of the dough. It is the unleashed housewife artist in me set free, look out soon everything will be decorated with something fastened to look like something else.

Hairball said...

I've decorated the edges of pies before with leaves cut out of pastry before. It helps cover up my good tasting but sad looking pie crust! LOL

Judy said...

You crack me up. I have lots of old cookbooks but none have a cherry hatchet pie. Too cute. It's amazing when you go through those old cookbooks that quite a few of the recipes are still around today, just titled differently and tweaked.
Hey, would you like to exchange links? I'll add you to my blogroll if you'll add me to yours.
Let me know.

Public Artist said...

I know what you mean about old cookbooks! My favourite is a reprint of the Fannie Farmer. I've got a paperback copy and pretty much anything I can imagine I can probably find in that book. I might have to be a bit creative and put some things together, but all of the basics are there.

Now, that pie? wow. I think if someone served me that pie I'd be terrified of telling lies. It looks like the cherries are coming back to avenge the tree!

Anonymous said...

I much like you pie. Please you send recipe. I have hatchet collection.

Your friend Gunilla
in Snarkil, Värmlands Län

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's a wonderful idea.
A hatchet-scape comes to mind!

Danielle from Sandy Land, Arkansas